Customizing Sidebar Setting

Customizing Sidebar Setting

Sidebars play an important role in designing the layout of a WordPress website to display content other than the main articles of a website. For example, recent articles, recent comments, popular articles on a website can easily be displayed across the entire site.

Location – Appearance>Customize>Theme Options>Sidebar Setting

Sidebar Setting

You can set the widget title link color as shown in the image below. Also, set the margin and padding of the widget. But you rarely use thing option. You can set the background color from Background Option. 

widget setting

widget Customization

Sidebar Styling: Sidebar styling lets you style the content of the sidebar. Such as text alignment, text color, margin and padding, border-box, and also typography options. Once you set the option, it will be applied globally in the website.

Check out the image below-

customizing sidebar

Any Issues?

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