CosmosWP Pro: Introductory Offer

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Core Features

Code-Free Customization

No coding knowledge required to customize the theme.

Advanced Theme Options

CosmosWP gives you an option to control every design of your site elements

Developer Friendly

CosmosWP is built with hooks, filter, templates & clean code to make it developer friendly.

Custom Site Layout

Full Width

CosmosWP comes with a default full width layout that lets you use the entire width of the primary content on your website.

Boxed Width

CosmosWP lets you display your primary content in a boxed layout to distinguish it from the other content seen on the page.

Fluid Width

CosmosWP gives you an option to choose the fluid layout that lets you stretch the entire website till the ends of the screen.

Designs Options

Custom Header

CosmosWP comes different header options like header rows (top, main, buttom header), header elements (site identity, menu styles, button, social icons, search), & menu icons.

Custom Footer

CosmosWP gives you a flexible option to design custom footer with three layers footer options (top, main, buttom) and footer options (copyright, social menu and sidebar options )

Blog/Page Options

Blog/Page options let you design customized blogs and pages by sorting different blog elements, primary and secondary meta sorting, excerpt setting, and featured images setting.

Landing Page Design

Design customized landing pages with different landing page elements sorting, meta sorting, excerpt setting, and featured images setting.

Button Design

Design your customized button with the button styling (button radius, background color, link color, border style), and typography options.

Margin Padding

CosmosWP gives you flexible option to play around with margins and paddings of each and every element of your website to make it fit.


Google Font

CosmosWP lets you chose from 700+ Google fonts to make sure you get the best typography for your website.

Text Transform

CosmosWP gives you flexibility to play around with different typography like font type, size, color, decoration etc.

Heading Options

Heading options let you to choose diffrent heading options from h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6.

Color and Background

Color Options

Color option gives you an option to set primary color, text color, title color, link color, link hover color.

Background Options

You can set background color and background image for individual blocks of your website.

Border & Box Shadow

Border and box shadow option lets you design the border style, border radius, box shadow colors.


Video Tutorial

CosmosWP Theme comes with detailed video tutorials of each and every theme and its practical demonstration.

In-depth Documentation

In-depth and well documented articles will help you to use the CosmosWP Themes in easiest way.

24×7 Support

We have dedicated support team 24×7 to help you in case you encounter any issue during and after the use of CosmosWP.