Advanced Banner (Pro Only)

Advanced Banner (Pro Only)

Advanced Banner is the feature of premium version of CosmosWP. With this feature, you can control so many advanced options in the banner section of your website.

You can navigate to three advanced banner options with CosmosWP Pro – main banner, all page banner, and all post banner.

Main Banner

Location – Dashboard>Customize>Main Content>Banner Section


From the Main Banner section, you can control banner options of the main banner like banner display, banner title, banner section color, banner content position, banner overlay color, banner height, and so on.

All Page Banner

Similar to Main Banner, you can control every single part of banners of all pages through All Page Banner setting.

Location – Dashboard>Customize>Page Options>Banner Setting


All Post Banner

Just like Main Banner and All Page Banner, you can control every single banner options of post banners.

Location – Dashboard>Customize>Post Options>Banner Setting


Below are the customization options that you will find in each of these three advanced banner options.

Banner Display Options

Banner Display Options lets you choose from five banner display options –

  • Hide (No banner)
  • Background color
  • Background Image
  • Normal Image
  • Video

Single Banner Section Title

You can enable or disable the banner section title from here. If you enable the banner section title, you can choose to display the default title or use a custom title.

Single Banner Title Tag

Single Banner Title Tag lets you choose the heading levels for your banner title tag. The available header tag are H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6.

Banner Text Alignment

You can align your banner text at the left, center, or right side on the banner.

Banner Content Position

Banner Content Position lets you place the banner content on the top, center, or bottom part of the banner section.

Banner Section Color

You can choose from infinite color options for banner section color.

Banner Overlay Color

You can enable or disable banner overlay color.

Banner Height

You can control the banner height to display in the desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Background Image Options

With Background Image Options, you can choose the background size, background position, background repeating option, and background scroll or fixed movement. You can choose these control options individually for desktops, tablets, and smartphones screen.

Margin and Padding

Define your banner’s margin and padding from here.

Any Issues?

If you find any issue related to Advanced Banner Options with CosmosWP Pro then visit our support page here – CosmosWP Support.